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Minivan Transportation

Minivan Transportation

We deliver your shipments up to 1300 kg to the destination quickly.

As KAF Trans, we conduct minivan transportation operations for your freights up to 1300 kg. We supply minivans to deliver your small shipments in weight and size, which need to be delivered to the destination quickly, to the delivery point.

Thanks to the minivan vehicles that can make transportation without getting stuck at the densities at the border crossings, we can reach the European countries that we serve within 36-48 hours. Considering the processes such as the flight time, loading, unloading, etc. in airline transport, we can often make deliveries faster than the plane.
We act responsibly in processes such as unloading, loading, handling, and packaging to safely deliver your freight from door to door.
You can contact our teams instantly for your minivan transportation needs between Turkey and European countries.

We deliver your freight to the destination with the fastest and most proper solutions so that you can attain your objectives.

Fast Solution

We reply to all your requests and questions quickly, provide instant information flow, and conduct our operations quickly.

Reliable Transportation

We work with the utmost care to ensure that your freight is not damaged while it is transported to the destination.

Affordable Freight

Our expert team works studiously to provide the vehicle most appropriate for you and your freight in the most affordable way.

Expert team

Our experienced team aims to deliver our services to you in the best and fastest way.