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Our Story

Our Story

Many of us know the story of the legendary mountain QAF and Emerald Phoenix. Birds trying to reach the Emerald Phoenix have to pass 7 different and challenging valleys. While many of them are lost and vanish, the rest of them that can reach the mountain QAF realize that the Emerald Phoenix is actually themselves.

As KAF Trans, we act in the belief that we can reach the highest mountain like the mountain QAF when we internalize the concepts such as knowledge, correct information, excellence, liaising and continuous self-development. With the synergy created by our leaders with more than 20 years of experience, we aim to reflect our experience in our services in the best way.
We are focused on rendering the highest-quality reciprocal, weekly, regular, fast, and partial logistics services between Turkey and European countries. We achieve to offer our forwarder solutions more powerfully with our certificate of TIO (Transport Affairs Organization), which exactly defines the work we do. By using the technology in the best way, we increase the continuity and speed of our service processes.
Thanks to our agency in Italy, we have special expertise in transportations to this country. This also enables us to use the concept of speed very well. We add a new dimension to road transportation by integrating the concepts of information flow, freight offers, and transportation in the fastest way.
As KAF Trans, we will continue to enhance the satisfaction of our customers by raising the quality of our traditional road transportation and minivan operations.

We deliver your freight to the destination with the fastest and most proper solutions so that you can attain your objectives.

Fast Solution

We reply to all your requests and questions quickly, provide instant information flow, and conduct our operations quickly.

Reliable Transportation

We work with the utmost care to ensure that your freight is not damaged while it is transported to the destination.

Affordable Freight

Our expert team works studiously to provide the vehicle most appropriate for you and your freight in the most affordable way.

Expert team

Our experienced team aims to deliver our services to you in the best and fastest way.